Tuesday, 18 October 2011

lukisan ? OMG ! ♥

Welcome to my blog , babes 

Info about Jefri:

Name: Muhammad Jefri bin Mohd Amar Tarmarajan
Date of Birth: 13thMarch1996
From: Selangor
Race: Malay
Name of School: SMK St John
Ambition: Professional or Coach of Taekwondo & work at Cruise Ship
Hobbies: play games, listening songs, play a backetball & taekwondo
Motto: WANTED Honda Motor.

p/s : He was studying martial arts called Taekwondo. he had someblood ties are of india. He can afford on the subject of English.

Here, I want to show you the pictures that have been painted by my friend named Jefri.

This is a picture of a porcupine-haired man and macho. HAHA !

This is the image that has a multiplicity of fire. hehehe ~

It was somewhat difficult to draw because it relates to two menwho want to fight. I just love the great wings and complete with a sword that is strong enough if we look carefully.

hah! These picture pika challenge him to draw. haha. beautiful right? I hope he can draw the best (= Shel! you can yeah! :D

3 hours later : 

nah ! see it by yourself ! I love it ! TOTALLY LOVE YA ! =D

Shaa Pikaa 


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